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Dossette Box

At Prestwick Chemist, we offer Dossette Box service to both Private Customers and Care Homes

What is a dossette box?

A dossette box is a disposal plastic system for arranging your weekly medicines. At a glance you can see which pills to take, and when. Use of the dossette system reduces the risk of mistakes considerably.

Why would I need a dossette box?

When taking medicines at different times of day it can be quite confusing to remember exactly what you are meant to be doing. The problem is compounded when medical care becomes complicated and your prescription requires multiple tablets taken several times throughout the day. This is when things may go wrong, leading to skipped doses or accidental overdoses when the same medicine is taken twice. Obviously these mistakes lead to poor control of your medical condition and put you at risk of side effects. For that reason customers often ask for a dossette system when their medications reach a certain complexity – either because of the number of different medicines or when the doctor wishes the dose of medicine to change gradually over a period of time. Quite often the dose of a particular medicine will require fine tuning or titration and if you suffer from memory difficulties this type of complexity can pose a problem. In such situations a dossette box will provide reassurance to you or your carers that your medicines have been laid out properly and taken correctly. If you think a dossette might help you please contact us to discuss the options.

How will I manage to organise my dossette box?

Once you ask us to set up a dossette box we will arrange everything for you. We will arrange a supply in ready-made packs and, if you wish, deliver them to your door at regular intervals.

How much does it cost?

At Prestwick Chemist we offer this service for FREE; even delivery to your door is free of charge.

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